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Let yourself be surprised by the wonders of UNESCO Heritage Sites...


Venice: its name is synonymous with dreams, all over the world. Beauty and history, masks and theatre, music and art, religion and sea. The slow rhythm of the waves and the fast pace of those who walk, up and down the bridges. The famous “cicchetti” with an Aperol Spritz; the stands scattered along the streets. A busy city during the day, a quiet romantic city by night: with no cars, the only sounds are the mumbling of the “vaporetti”, the water boats, and the hopping of the trolleys on the steps of the Venetian bridges. Venice is simply inimitable and beyond words. You can only live it. Even storms are unique in Venice. Sometimes the water rises and gently bathes the precious centuries-old mosaics. And Venice reflects itself in all its magical beauty in water mirrors. Venice, the inspiring City of Water. Slide among centuries of history and picturesque views on a waterbus or on a traditional Venetian gondola. Or experience the magic of getting lost in the maze of Venetian “calli”, streets, bridges and canals. Live Venice unhurriedly, at your pace. In the city of water time seems to flow differently, somehow slower. And the enchanting setting of Venice makes you prone to daydreaming and relaxing into yourself. Make good use of this feeling and do not rush to buy souvenirs and to run through all the streets. Live Venice. We deeply love this city and are ready to share its secrets with you.


A gentle landscape that features rolling hills and plots of land which alternate with fields of sunflowers, lavender and the vines. Green as far as the eye can see. Enjoy a glass of prosecco, a wine that evokes this land, on the sunny terraces decorated with bunches of grapes and colorful flowers. Live and experience the all-embracing magical beauty of this unique cultural landscape. Get into the heart of nature, sample traditional products and learn about local history and culture. Savour the aromas and perfumes, capable of unveiling in the wines all the magic of the vineyards. And don’t miss the great variety of traditional food and local delicacies. Try the natural harmony of perfect paired cheeses, bread and meats. Savor the essence of the Prosecco Hills. Enjoy a relaxing sunset experience strolling among the vineyards and breathe in the sparkling air of authenticity. Visit the splendid cloisters and abbeys and the magnificent castles that have dominated some of the most panoramic hilltops since medieval times. And enjoy the unrivalled views of the Prosecco Hills: places filled with history and artistic treasures, surrounded by the majesty of nature.


Mighty, majestic, pure Dolomites. The Dolomites are an amazing creation of nature, some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes worldwide, with their vertical walls, sheer cliffs and narrow, deep and long valleys. The Dolomites, ancient coral reefs at surface, create an enchanted landscape where majestic peaks and charming valleys alternate. Their unexpected, almost architectural profiles, offer an incredible scenery: majestic peaks with dramatic walls and jagged ridges, wild alpine meadows, millenary woods and enchanting alpine lakes. The Dolomites are a real paradies and a safe haven for everyone. Some want to conquer their peaks, some to relax and savor their stunning beauty, some find comfort and clarity in their overwhelming power. The beauty and diversity of the landscape of the Dolomites will enchant you. All year round this region bursts with natural beauty and diversity and these majestic mountains offer stunning unparalleled views and countless opportunities for every kind of adventure. And of course seasonal, hearty and delicious local recipies. And among the Dolomite Valleys, Cortina is known as the Queen of the Dolomites. And for a good reason. There are beautiful resorts, and then there’s Cortina d’Ampezzo. The town is nestled in the heart of the Dolomites and is blessed with enchanting landscapes and a great variety of alpine adventures. It’s of little surprise that Cortina, a mountain town of Ladin culture shaped by neighboring Venice and Tyrol, is alive with ancient traditions and a vibrant culture. Cortina d’Ampezzo is a mythical place of elegance, glamor, beauty and lively social life. At the same time though, it preserves its cultural, architectural and linguistic identity, making the experience of those who stay in Cortina authentic and unique. Discover the magic of the Dolomites with us.

Prosecco Hills